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twerking-for-titans yo my dash did a thing and it’s your fault. You reblogged that post with the arrow pointing up and that’s what you think about in the shower, and one my tumblr friends reblogged a pic of one of her k-music dudes (I don’t know who, but you may know the…

Fuck Franky with his no pants wearing self. No but hold up, can I get some fried rice? Buddy? My totally awesome pal? *Chibi smile*

By the way, shits getting real in Ao no Exorcist O.O Rin brought the beatdown to Amaimon in the camping trip.


Fuck Franky.

That is my goal.

And naw, bruh. Get yo own rice. Bring yourself allllllll the way back to the city and get some. Oh, and yeeeah. Rin went POSTAL on Amaimon’s ass man. Shit get too real in a few episodes man. I mean, he sent Amaimon back to fucking Gehenna.

Let me stop you right there for a moment, I am in town thank you very much. I been chilling with marcus. And chinese food is right up the street so in your non franky getting face. Haven’t you heard sharing is caring? And yeah, Rin owned his demonic ass big time.

If you in town, thirst your ass and get some Chinese then. Hoes always on my lo-mein. (/-_-)/ ~

Nah bruh, we really need to read that manga though.

ON A DIFFERENT NOTE, we should really put our creative minds together and make something amazing. Original fiction or create original characters for an existing show or SOMETHIIING. Im dying for a new character muse. B’c

You got rice, baka (-.-)

And I been said to do things a lot you didn’t listen to me. I’m still waiting on that pic of my OC



Art is hard man.

I only do it once a month.

I woulda drew shit last night, but we kept having rolling blackouts. :’v

Tell you what. I’ll try. But it’s gonna be a head shot because what is male anatomy even?

My OC is female ._. It’s better to draw a little something daily for practice purposes. We might have to see about that next time I’m over there. In the mean time, why not draw Deidara? :p



urochaa hey hey hey, I am so a ninja! (>.>) we about to fight in a minute!

No you didn’t do anything, I just got bored and decided to mess with you a little. XD

nah, you’re a little dweeb who should stay home and play games *pats your head* don’t mess with this varuga  

(haha thats totally fine~ the time i saw that post, i misinterpreted it xDD)

Well I do enjoy my gaming…. oh wait, no, I mean…. I’m not a dweeb! I am quite the amazing sir actually. I just stay in the shadows cause the world is not ready for such greatness to be gazed upon!

Don’t misinterpret it, I just like being humorous (or trying to be). What’s a varuga though? O.o

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